CurvJet Series

Glass Bending Oven

CurvJet is a glass bending oven designed to manufacture annealed glass bends for a variety of applications. The system is used to bend architectural facade glass, curved glass display case, interior partition, glass furniture and automotive windshield. The bent glass can be laminated to make a safety glass post bending.

Key features:

  • Single, double or triple loading ovens to suit customer volumes.
  • Automatic cycle change over between ovens.
  • Maximum temperature of 650°C (1200°F)
  • Fixed and/or flexible bending modules for volume or bespoke products.
  • Energy efficient heating system.
  • Variable/adjustable heater positioning.
  • Easy loading/unloading design of the glass products.

Oven sizes/details:

Max glass size: 3.3M x 6M (130” X 236”)

Heating temperature: 650℃ (1200°F)

Glass thickness: 2~15mm (5/64” – 5/8”)