After Sales Support

We've Got Your Back

For after sales service and spare parts please contact your local Cooltemper agent, or Cooltemper service department at: We recognize how integral your Cooltemper tempering furnace is to your company, its quality reputation and its future. For this reason we only manufacture quality machinery using the very best component parts available.  However all complex machinery requires servicing and will break down at some point.   ​For this very reason we do offer, through our local agents, furnace servicing and technical reconditioning.  We also offer assistance to our customers via telephone and an internet.


Enable Your Team

​One of the most important parts of the tempering furnace is the operator because he can dictate the product throughput and quality.

The benefit of assessment and training / re training  for furnace operators is critical to your operation.  As part of our service contracts, Cooltemper offers customers further operator training.


Consumable Parts

​Please contact our service department for parts needed and global delivery arrangement.  

Parts installation, upgrades and calibration are also available.