MiniJet Series

Specialized Mini Horizontal Tempering Furnace

MiniJet was designed specifically for tempering tight tolerance/specification, small glass sizes requiring an extremely good optical surface quality. It is typically used in test labs and coating line testing facilities as well as pilot production lines. Products to be tempered would include pressure gauges, viewing glasses and touch screens.


Key features:

  • Top and bottom, aspirated convection system with program specific pressure profiling
  • Tight roller pitch enabling small glass sizes to be tempered
  • Energy efficient insulation, heaters, quenching systems, drives and controls
  • Space saving single quench/cooling fan design
  • Automatic quench air balance adjustment system with inverter driven quench/cooling fan
  • Independent top & bottom quench area nozzle adjustment
  • Automatic, multi position, self-tracking glass load system


Furnace sizes/details:

Glass width: 0.6M~0.8M (23” – 32”) (Standard and Customized Sizes Available)

Glass length: Maximum 1~1.2M (40” – 47”)

Glass thickness: 2.8mm~19mm (1/8” – ¾”) (with 25mm 1” option)

Minimum glass size: 50 x 50mm (2” x 2”)